Turning off Training Stage BGM in Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition

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There’s a long-standing bug in the PC versions of the Street Fighter 4 series – even if you lower the game’s background music all the way to zero, you’ll still be able to hear it playing faintly.


This is normally not a problem during casual gameplay. You can use a music-playing program (e.g. Clementine) to play your favored BGM (I use a combination of OCRemix’s SF theme renderings, the SF EX+ alpha, SF EX2+, and SF3: 3S OSTs) – just set the music player to a higher volume level and you won’t notice the original BGM anymore.


It becomes a real issue only if you’re recording either training stage or match footage using video capture software and are planning to put in a unified soundtrack later (as is standard for YouTube videos). The game BGM is more audible here and, since it can’t be separated easily from the sound effects, it becomes a nuisance.


Although a Capcom developer going by the Steam tag wbacon has promised that a fix is incoming this weekend, SF4 combo and highlight vid makers need a workaround in case it doesn’t materialize- after all, the bug goes all the way back to 2009 and, after 3 major game updates, it’s still there.


After a lot of web research, I found out how to easily circumvent this issue (thanks to Steam user Endirvis for sharing the basic steps).


Note: These steps were tested on the Steam version of the game.


  • Download Notepad++.
  • Create a new text file and type a single character inside (e.g. ‘x’).
  • Save the file as ‘BGM_TRN.csb’.
  • Navigate to the SSF4: AE installation inside your Steam folder (Steam>SteamApps>common>Super Street Fighter IV – Arcade Edition), then work your way to the BGM folder (resource>battle>sound>bgm).
  • Make a backup of the original BGM_TRN.csb file, then paste over the original using the dummy plug you just made.
  • Voila! The repetitive, annoying Training Stage music is gone, replaced by blissful silence. Sound effects are unaffected.
  • The same process can be used to replace other stage music with silence. Just make note of the file names and use the same ones when overwriting.


With this, you can now create slick SSF4 combo videos using the video capture software (e.g. Razer’s GameBooster, Playclaw 5) and video editor (e.g. Lightworks) combination of your choice. (^__^) Hope this helps!


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