Funny Fighting Game Victory Screens


Fighting games naturally bring out our aggression, intensity, and victory lust. That makes it all the more jarring and rib-tickling when we happen upon victory screens like this:


Charlie Nash, Street Fighter Alpha 1 (Witty Gamer) Pic


Choi Bounge, The King of Fighters 2001 (Witty Gamer) Pic


Claw, Super Street Fighter II (Witty Gamer) Pic


Dio, World Heroes 2 (Witty Gamer) Pic


Felicia, DarkStalkers 3 (Witty Gamer) Pic


Gen Fu, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate (Witty Gamer) Pic


Hsien-Ko, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (Witty Gamer) Pic


Lau Chan, Virtua Fighter 2 (Witty Gamer) Pic


Mudman, World Heroes 2 (Witty Gamer) Pic


Pupa Salgueiro, Rage of the Dragons (Witty Gamer) Pic


Q-Bee, Darkstalkers 3 (Witty Gamer) Pic


Rugal Bernstein, King of Fighters '94 (Witty Gamer) Pic


Saisyu Kusanagi, King of Fighters '95 (Witty Gamer) Pic


Sakura, Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter (Witty Gamer) Pic


Angel, The King of Fighters 2002 (Witty Gamer) Pic


Athena, King of Fighters 2000 (Witty Gamer) Pic


Billy Lee, Double Dragon V -The Shadow Falls (Witty Gamer) Pic


Bilstein, Plasma Sword (Witty Gamer) Pic


Marcus, Mighty Warriors (Witty Gamer) Pic


For more of these gems, visit the bison2winquote website.


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