So, You Want To Make A Fighting Game?


It’s a thought that’s come across every fighting game fan’s mind: “If it were up to me, I would’ve done it like this.”


It’s not that easy, though, bringing a fighting game to life. If you don’t spend enough time and thought on the conceptualization phase, your game could be dead before you even begin crafting assets or start coding. Even if you do manage to get your product out somehow, you might just get ridiculed publicly in clips like this.


ScrewAttack’s Top 10 Worst Fighting Video Games


Oh, and you really, REALLY would not want to get lumped along with the likes of these.


Fortunately for you aspiring fighting game developers, I stumbled across a bunch of clips that’ll help speed you on your way to Street Fighter 4 greatness (okay, maybe not, but you gotta aim high, right? XD).


The Fighting Game Problem by Extra Credits


UFGTX: How To Make Fighting Games By Skullgirls Lead Developer Mike Zaimont


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