Get into the groove with Hyadain’s videogame OST remixes!

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Kenichi Maeyamada, who goes by the handle Hyadain, is famous for his anime and videogame soundtrack remixes.


His rearrangements are definitely catchy, and there’s a catch to them, too – the female vocal portions are sung by Maeyamada himself! He uses a voice synthesizer program to make the conversion, and playfully goes by a different handle when he does (Hyadaruko).


Don’t let me stop you – jump right in! (^_^)




Retro Anime Medley 01


Retro Anime Medley 02


Washashasha SMILE x 3


My Girlfriend Is Becoming A Pain In The Ass (Bakuman Parody)




Fly, Aeon! (Chrono Trigger)


Shrine Themes (Dragonquest II, III, IV)


Cave Theme (Dragonquest III)


Ragnar and Healie (Dragonquest IV)


Torneko and Taloon (Dragonquest IV)


For Cynthia (Dragonquest IV)


Final Fantasy Main Theme Remix


Rap De Chocobo (Final Fantasy)


Doga & Une (Final Fantasy III)


Ancient Library Theme (Final Fantasy V)


Ultros Boogie (Final Fantasy VI)


Cyan’s Theme (Final Fantasy VI)


Sabin’s Theme (Final Fantasy VI)


Terra’s Theme (Final Fantasy VI)


Metalman Theme (Megaman 2)


Bubbleman Theme (Megaman 2)


Heatman Theme (Megaman 2)


Flashman Theme (Megaman 2)


Million of Bravery (Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur Theme)


Retro Game50 (50 to 47)


Retro Game50 (46 to 43)


Choose Your Future (Romancing Saga)


Super Mario Western Show (Super Mario Bros.)


Streetfighter 2: The World Warrior


Yie Ar Kung Fu Remix


Do yourself a favor and check out the rest at Hyadain’s YouTube channel – there’s a lot of audio treasures in there.



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