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Think Game Theory but more acerbic, more informal, more opinionated, and better voice-over narration. That’s Game Overthinker in a nutshell.


This YouTube series was MovieBob‘s main project until he shifted to doing movie analysis with Really That Good. So the good news is that you can enjoy it from start to finish without having to suffer the wait for new installments. The bad news is – there won’t be any more new installments.


Many people say that the first third of the series comprise the core experience, the real heart and voice of the Game Overthinker. I haven’t seen the the later episodes, so I can’t make a judgement on that, but I’ll have to agree that MovieBob served up plate after plate of hard-hitting, thought-provoking stuff early on. I nearly ran myself ragged with a marathon viewing.


These are the episodes I enjoyed the most:


Game Overthinker V1 (Games Aren’t As Daring As They Used To Be)


Game Overthinker V3 (Kirby Confession)


Game Overthinker V4 (The End of The World as Wii Know It?)


Game Overthinker V7 (The Psychology of Nintendo Fans)


Gamer Overthinker V16 (Holiday Game Shopping)


Gamer Overthinker v24 (Reality Sucks)


Gamer Overthinker V25 (Bad Control Schemes)


Gamer Overthinker V27 (Which Games Will We Really Remember?)


Game Overthinker V28 (Is The Shadow Complex Boycott Justifiable?)


Game Overthinker V29 (Continuum)



For more Game Overthinker episodes, click here.

If you want to mull over more of MovieBob’s meanderings, you check out his his YouTube channel.


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