Unleash Your Dark Hadou At Imperium eSports Bar’s Upcoming USF4 Tournament!


If you live in the Philippines and reside near the Metro Manila area, you might want to check out and/or sign up for Imperium eSports Bar’s USF4 tournament this coming Saturday, April 18, 2015.


April 18 USF4 Tournament at the Imperium eSports Bar (Witty Gamer) Pic(Click to enlarge)



  • Console: PS3 (make sure your controller or fight stick is PS3 compatible)
  • Input Devices:
    • You must provide your own controller.
    • Hardware programmable input entry, rapid-fire, or other hardware-assisted mechanisms are strictly forbidden.
    • All macros available via the in-game controller configuration menu are allowed.
    • Accidentally pausing the game at any time during the fight may force you to forfeit the round (solely at a judge’s discretion).
    • All converters are the responsibility of the player.
    • Cronus Max Plus and Titan One conveters are banned.
    • All wireless controllers which pair to the XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3 are banned.
    • XBOX One wireless controllers are allowed to be used only with a USB cable, and no batteries or battery pack in the controller.
    • PlayStation 4 Dual Shock controllers are allowed, but must remain at the pool stations during tournament play.
    • Nintendo 3DS, 2DS, or WiiU gamepads are not allowed under any circumstances.
    • 3rd-party controllers which pair to a dongle like the MadCatz controllers are fine.
  • Game Version: Ultra Street Fighter 4 Patch 1.04 (latest)
  • Stage Selection: If the players don’t agree on a stage within 15 seconds, a random stage will be selected.
  • Character Selection: Any player using ‘Random Select’ to pick their character, must ‘Random Select’ again if they win the match, provided that there is no way to pick a certain character in the random box.
  • Character and Ultra Swapping: The loser of the preceding set is allowed to pick a new character, or pick another Ultra for the same character. Winner may change Ultra only if the opponent changes characters. Also, he/she must pick his/her Ultra first (the loser gets to pick his/her Ultra last).
  • Tournament Format: Double Elimination: If you lose to 2 players, you are eliminated from the tourney.
  • Default Option Settings: 2 rounds to a set, no handicap, 99-second time limit.
  • Qualifiers / Quarterfinals / Semifinals: First player to win 2 sets wins the match.
  • Grand Finals: First player to win 3 sets wins the match and the tournament.



  • Venue Address: Unit 6B 2nd Floor Metrowalk Commercial Complex Meralco Avenue, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Onsite Registration: PHP 200, 11:30 AM – 1PM
  • Online Registration: PHP 150, (click here)



Imperium eSports Bar Attract Image 04 (Witty Gamer) Pic


Imperium is the Philippines’ very first eSports bar, founded by videogamer / businessman Raphael Gancayo with the goal of growing the country’s eSports scene. It’s also the currently-scheduled venue for one of Capcom Pro Tour 2015’s ranking events, the Manila Cup.


Imperium eSports Bar Map 01 (Witty Gamer) PicMap 01 (click to enlarge)


Imperium eSports Bar Map 02 (Witty Gamer) PicMap 02 (click to enlarge)


If I can make it early, then I’ll sign up for the fight. If I can’t, then I’ll just cover the event for this site. Hope to see you there! (^_^)



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