Relating Videogames with Modern Life – PBS Game/Show

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You won’t agree with all of his opinions, and to be honest I’m a little put off by how click-baity his video titles are, but Jamin – the host of PBS Game/Show – does raise some interesting points worth thinking and talking about.


Check out his work here:


Why Hasn’t There Been Another Minecraft?


Are You Weird If You Play As The Opposite Sex?


Should League of Legends Be A High School Sport?


Would You Want To Live In Sword Art Online?


Is Goat Simulator Brilliant Or Stupid?


Is Dark Souls The Future of Videogame Storytelling?


Is The Sims The Ultimate Reality TV Show?


PC vs Console: Why The Hate?


Why Are Videogame Bodies So Extreme?


Can Videogames Be A Spiritual Experience?



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