Have a howling good time with Beowulf, the newest addition to Skullgirls Encore!

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6 months after Eliza, Beowulf enters the scene! And it looks like Lab Zero Games wasn’t twiddling their thumbs, as you’ll have a rollicking good time getting to know the male pro wrestler in both Skullgirls Encore’s Story Mode and Training Mode.


Beowulf Official Trailer


Some quick facts about him:

  • He is the 2nd male character to join the roster (Big Band being the 1st).
  • He is the 2nd publicly-voted DLC character to make it in (the 1st one being Eliza, and the 3rd and final one to be Robo-Fortune).
  • He is the 3rd grappler to be featured in the roster (Cerebella was 1st, and Fukua can be considered the 2nd).
  • His namesake is a character from an Old English Poem who won fame for slaying a fearsome monster called Grendel. In their first encounter, he manages to rip out Grendel’s arm bare-handed. Later, he meets the grievously-injured monster in its mother’s lair, and puts it out of its misery by beheading it with a magic sword.
  • Some of his special moves are inspired by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) legends like Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage.
  • He’s not a joke character per se, but his Story Mode run is relatively cheerful compared to the rest of the Skullgirls Encore cast.


In terms of combo creation, Beowulf was very easy for me to figure out. This might be because I’ve had some experience with grapplers in other fighting games. The fun in-game tutorial will show you the way in case you’ve never handled a character of this archetype before.


And in case you want to add him to your team, you can try out this Beowulf tutorial that I made, which should give you an idea of how to link his Uniques, Normals, Specials, and Supers.


Try out Beowulf in Skullgirls Encore! Here’s a beginner-friendly tutorial that I made.


On a sidenote, after Robo-Fortune and the additional voicepacks are finished, Lab Zero Games will have fulfilled all of their IndieGoGo backer obligations. Does that mean Skullgirls 2 or another Canopy Kingdom-inspired videogame is coming around 2016? That’s what I’m hoping…



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