A Look at Shenmue, Yu Suzuki’s Masterpiece

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Shenmue is little-known among videogamers who aren’t familiar with the Dreamcast, as it was a platform-exclusive franchise at the time of its debut. Those who were brave enough to take the plunge into Yu Suzuki‘s open-world gamble were treated to an amazing and unique experience. In fact, the gameplay was so ahead of its time that Suzuki struggled to come up with a name for the genre the game had birthed. He finally settled on Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment. If only he’d come up with something catchier, like, I dunno… sandbox RPG, maybe? (^_^)


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I don’t have a Dreamcast emulator yet, so I haven’t had the chance to try out this legendary game. For the meantime, I’ll have to settle for this movie, which was released on Japanese theatres on January 20, 2001 (and was also included as a bonus DVD with the Xbox version of Shenmue II).



Shenmue the Movie



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