A Solid Reputation Tarnished – Konami’s Controversial Restructuring

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I finally have an idea why Konami has effectively fired Hideo Kojima and halted development of Silent Hills.


Konami CEO Kagemasa Kozuki.


  • It’s said that he is not in good terms with Hideo Kojima, who “takes too long and spends too much”.
  • He wants the company’s Digital Entertainment division to focus on developing games for mobile platforms, which currently have higher profit margins.
  • He wants to end autonomous, studio-based, per-project game development within the company and shift to headquarters-based dev teams segregated by specialization (e.g. audio, animation, programming, etc.), that work on multiple games in parallel.
  • He wants to expand Konami’s Gaming & Systems (i.e. gambling machines) division and will utilize Konami IPs (e.g. Contra) to promote them if necessary.


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Kojima vs. Konami: An Investigation



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