The Ultimate Rhythm Game? Melody’s Escape

Melody's Escape Attract Image Pic


Melody’s Escape is described by its creator as a ‘rhythm runner’. It uses an advanced algorithm to turn any audio track from your music library into a course Melody has to navigate. While collecting power orbs, she’ll have to jump over, slide beneath, kick apart, and weave around obstacles in her way. She’ll also alternate between walking, running, and flying depending on the song’s current tempo.


The rapidly scrolling directional and button prompts feels like a marriage between Dance Dance Revolution, Quick Time Events (QTEs), and precision platforming.


Since each song generates a unique track, and the different difficulties require different input methods, the game theoretically has infinite replayability. Whether you’re a rhythm game fanatic, a multi-genre virtuoso or just someone looking for a fresh gameplay experience, you’ll find something to like about this game.




Hwoarang’s Theme, Tekken 3 Arranged OST


Satsui no Koto, Ryu’s SF2 Theme, Heroes vs Villains OCRemix Album


Techno De Chocobo, Final Fantasy 6 OST


Opening Theme, Samurai Jack OST


Overworld Theme – The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past OST



She’s out for a jog and powering through the slog with some killer tunes.


The music helps her escape the monotony of the workout and also lets her imagination fly, hence the substitution of ordinary road impediments with fun obstacles, and swigs from her drinking bottle becoming power orbs.


At least, that’s how I figure it. (^__^)


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