The Class Is In Session! Lessons From The GDC

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The Game Developer’s Conference has come a long way. The first one piqued the curiosity of 27 designers, who huddled together in Chris Crawford‘s San Jose, California living room. The biggest one yet attracted a record 18,000 attendees at San Francisco’s Moscone Center on 2008.


Not only does the GDC organize workshops covering the different aspects of game development and hold panels for subsegments of the game industry, it also hosts the Independent Games Festival (the first and largest competition for indie games) and the Game Developers Choice Awards (the game industry’s only open, peer-based awards show). Cool, huh?


If you’re an aspiring videogame developer or someone who’s already working on your first title, the GDC is definitely an event you should make room for in your calendar. There’s just so much stuff you can learn by attending. But in case you’re just not able to due to time constraints or personal difficulties, the GDC has begun to upload videos of their gamedev panels on their YouTube channel. Aren’t they thoughtful? Now all we’ve got to do is get the viewer numbers up to encourage them to turn the thing into a full-blown archive.



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