Sing your way to victory with Skullgirls Encore’s Squigly!

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Squigly was the first of SG:E’s DLC characters. Although veteran and novice players alike found her character design very appealing and wanted to add her to their teams, she handled very differently from the Vanilla 8 (Cerebella, Double, Filia, Ms. Fortune, Painwheel, Parasoul, Peacock, and Valentine) and so didn’t find a lot of favor with people already used to airdash cancels for combo extensions.


Squigly has the most unique collection of character mechanics among the SG: E roster, though. It’s part of the reason why I main her.


  • She has two stances, Dragon’s Breath and Serpent’s Tail. When she’s holding either of them, she can perform Seria (powered-up) versions of her specials. This somewhat evokes Gen from Ultra Street Fighter 4, but works differently.
  • She can ‘store’ her stances so that she can move around the battlefield normally and still have access to Seria versions of her specials (she’s not stuck in the stance animation).
  • She has a special called ‘Silver Chord’, a reference to Mortal Kombat‘s Scorpion that aids in combo extension and can also work as a punish.
  • Using Seria Cancel, she can skip the recovery animation of her standing and crouching MP, HP, MK, and HK. She can also do the same for her overhead. Although difficult to master, this is her main combo extension tool.
  • Using Center Stage and/or Seria Center Stage, she can force opponents toward her without moving and create temporary corners in the middle of the stage.


Squigly Official Trailer


In terms of combo creation, Squigly was definitely a tough nut to crack. You really need to master Seria Cancels to get the most out of her.


Try out Squigly in Skullgirls Encore! Here’s a comprehensive tutorial that I made.


Skullgirls Encore is one of the most beautifully-animated and mechanically-interesting 2D fighting games of this generation. Try it out, and discover what Squigly is capable of!


Oh, and the other reason why I main her? She’s just too friggin’ adorable! Oh, Squiggums! XD



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