Open thine eyes, unbeliever! Understanding the eSports phenomenon

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Most videogamers experience games by playing them. Others find fun in the small talk that happens during and in between gaming sessions. And there are also those who enjoy watching, studying and emulating high-level play.


eSports has the potential to provide all of these experiences.

  • Gamers notice a particularly well-made competitive game.
  • Those who are especially good at it compete to see who’s the best.
  • Everyone who’s interested in the game gather to watch who comes out on top.
  • After the event’s conclusion, discussions come up regarding the decisions the competitors made, the strategies that were implemented, the silly showboating, the intense back-and-forth rallying, and so on.
  • Once the game can boast consistently high player and audience numbers, companies looking to market their products to the game’s fans start sponsoring events, players, and/or teams.
  • A combination of regular tournament schedules, sponsorships, and social media visibility encourge the best players to go professional.
  • A thriving professional circuit encourage more players to pick up the game.


That’s eSports in a nutshell, for people who aren’t familiar with it or haven’t cared to know until now. In case that wasn’t enough, you can check out these videos, too.



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