Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament Panel Discussions

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The Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament (UFGT) series has come and gone, but it’ll be forever remembered as an annual fighting game community (FGC) event that had something for everybody. Fighting game tournaments for the competitive types, mystery game tournaments for the adventurous types, and discussion panels for the intellectual types. Heck, it even had raffles!


Here I collect some of the panels they held (I leave out those that I’ve already featured in previous articles). Most of them concern rarely explored topics, like how to better monetize the FGC as a whole, the technical aspects that need to be taken care of during FGC events, and how to grow one’s own community and eventually organize tournaments. Quite thought-provoking, these.



UFGT8: Local Community Building – Bringing Players Together


UFGT9: Home Grown Business – Players to Providers


UFGT9: The eSports Connection


UFGT9: Testers Among Us


UFGT9: Tech Talk Live


UFGTX: Domination 101


UFGTX: Building Teams With Purity


UFGTX: Behind The Scenes


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