Let’s Craft Some Real-World Items For A Change!

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In games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Terraria, I’ve found that the best gear I can have on me usually consists of pieces I crafted myself. Because of this, there are times when I’ll happily spend a playing session just collecting raw materials and finding out for myself what new items I can make from them.


While watching TV shows like Ray Mears’s World of Survival, I loved seeing how indigenous tribesfolk took natural materials and shaped them into effective tools for everyday use, using nothing but their bare hands and ancestral knowledge.


Experiences like these helped light a fire inside me. It made me want to try out crafting handmade objects in the real world. Here’s the very first thing I made:


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It’s a scabbard for my gardening knife. For a first attempt, it turned out better than I expected. The raw materials came from junk lying around after I cleaned up our backyard storage:

  • A zip-up document holder, which provided the faux leather.
  • A pair of worn-out cargo shorts,which is where I salvaged the buttons from.
  • Nylon string from an old clothesline, which is what I used for stitching thread.


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The only thing I had to buy for the project was an oversized needle with an eye that could fit the nylon string. I already owned a pair of scissors and a craft knife.


The process was time-consuming, but very satisfying. Sure, there’s pride to be felt in carefully choosing a store item and putting it to good use – you did your research and spent hard-earned money for that. But it can’t beat the feeling of holding something you made yourself in your hands and thinking: “Damn, this isn’t half-bad at all.”


Knowing I could make stuff myself has also encouraged me to learn how to make survival gear, using nothing but basic equipment and what Mother Nature has to offer. Not only will it make a great story to tell my friends and family, it might even come in handy during a camping trip, a wilderness hike, or a civilization-ending catastrophe. You never know, right? (^_^)


Here are some of the best videos I’ve seen on the topic, collated from outdoor enthusiast YouTube channels like GotRocksInHead, Captain Quinn, and Primitive Survival.



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