Glimpses of Greatness! Interviews With Legendary Game Designers

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Ever wondered what goes on in the minds of the geniuses behind your favorite gaming franchises? Or perhaps you’re a budding designer yourself, and you want to peek into the inner workings of videogame history’s most successful game engineers.


In this article, I collect interviews from 10 highly-respected video game designers and producers, where they talk about the games they’re most known for, their most current work, the state of the art form, and their hopes for the future. Hope you find them interesting and useful! (^_^)



Hideo Kojima is the proud father of Tokimeki Memorial, Zone of the Enders, Snatcher, Policenauts, and Metal Gear.


The History of Metal Gear: Hideo Kojima Interview by Playstation Access


The Art of Videogames: A Conversation With Hideo Kojima


Arguably the inventor of modern platforming and cinematic videogame storytelling, Jordan Mechner worked on Karateka and Prince of Persia mostly by himself.


Jordan Mechner Interview by Starflux


Inventing the Future of Games Symposium, Featuring Jordan Mechner


Marcus ‘Notch’ Persson is the billionaire creator of runaway success Minecraft.


GDC 2012 Markus Persson Interview


Why Markus ‘Notch’ Persson Sold Minecraft And Became A Billionaire


Richard Garfield is the legendary game designer of Magic: the Gathering, the very first and longest-running collectible card game (CCG). He’s also the brains behind other hit CCGs like Vampire: The Eternal Struggle, Netrunner, BattleTech, and more recently, the all-digital SolForge.

He’s an avid board game designer as well, having worked on RoboRally and King of Tokyo.


Meet The Titans: Richard Garfield Interview


Richard Garfield: ‘Luck in Games’ talk at ITU Copenhagen


Sid Meier is the highly-lauded programmer and game designer responsible for launching the Railroad Tycoon, Gettysburg, Alpha Centauri, Pirates, and Civilization franchises.


Sid Meier Interview by PC Gamer


Sid Meier Interview by Adam Sessler


Shigeru Miyamoto is the ingeniously playful and crafty mind behind the biggest and most beloved Nintendo franchises: Donkey Kong, Mario, The Legend of Zelda, F-Zero, Star Fox, Pikmin, and the Wii series.

He also served as a mentor to Satoshi Tajiri (the creator of Pokemon) and an adviser to Shigesato Itoi (the creator of Earthbound).


Shigeru Miyamoto Interview by iJustine


Shigeru Miyamoto Reflects On His Legacy And Retirement


Shinji Mikami is the directorial genius behind Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, Vanquish, and The Evil Within.

He’s also helped produce other innovative titles like Devil May Cry, Killer7, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Steel Batallion, and Viewtiful Joe.


On The Evil Within: Shinji Mikami Interview by Adam Sessler


On Vanquish: Shinji Mikami Interview


Steve Feak, more popularly known as Guinsoo, was one of the developers of DotA Allstars. Presently, he’s the lead designer of the biggest MOBA and eSports title in history, League of Legends.


World Cyber Games 2010 Steve Feak (Guinsoo) Interview


Will Wright is one of the founders of Maxis and the progenitor of the Sim gaming franchise. SimCity, SimEarth, SimLife, SimFarm, SimCopter, SimGolf, Spore, and The Sims are his most fondly-remembered creations.


Will Wright Interview by design3


Game Design With Will Wright


Yuji Horii, mastermind of a million Dragon Quest games. He also numbers The Portopia Serial Murder Case, Chrono Trigger and Fortune Street among his creations.


Message from Dragon Quest creator, Yuji Horii


Behind the Games: Dragon Quest’s Yuji Horii



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