This kitty has CLAWS! Skullgirls: 2nd Encore’s Miss Fortune!


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Nadia Fortune is part of the Skullgirls Vanilla 8 (the original cast of the game on first release, which also included Cerebella, Double, Filia, Painwheel, Parasoul, Peacock, and Valentine). A lot of players feel intimidated by her character mechanics, but they’re actually quite intuitive – you just need to be willing to spend time in Training Mode.


  • She has two character states: Complete and Headless.
    • In the Complete State, Miss Fortune has access to:
      • the 3-hit version of Cat Scratch.
      • X-Scrape Claws (Midair HP).
      • High Brow (Crouching HP air launcher).
      • Cat Strike (which causes Stagger).
      • Cat Spike (which causes Knockdown).
      • A more damage-efficient version of Cat Scratch Fever.


    • In the Headless State, Miss Fortune has access to:
      • Headbutt, (HP) a low ground poke that can backstab.
      • Additional command normals (e.g. Zoom!) and specials (e.g. OMNOMNOMNOM, Feline Allergies).
      • Handshake, a more damage-efficient Standing MP.
      • Limber Up (Standing HK air launcher).
      • Independent versions of Cat Slide and Ground El Gato.
  • For combo extensions, I mainly use Airdash Cancels and the Cat Slide special when Miss Fortune is Complete. Whenever she’s Headless, I found that it was easier to use Headbutt and keep to the ground.
  • Nadia has a nearly non-existent long-range game, so you’ll have to close in quickly and unleash a variety of standing, crouching, or crossup combos.
  • This cool cat also has the good fortune of having all of the hyper-mobility mechanics present in the game (e.g. Running Dash, Air Dash, Double Jump).


Miss Fortune Official Trailer


In terms of combo creation, the main hurdle was definitely memorization, what with needing to internalize different sets of combos for both Miss Fortune’s Complete and Headless States.


Try out Miss Fortune in Skullgirls Encore! Here’s a comprehensive tutorial that I made.


And here’s Part 02!


Skullgirls Encore is one of the most beautifully-animated and mechanically-interesting 2D fighting games of this generation. Try it out, and discover what Miss Fortune is capable of!



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