Immerse Yourself In Unreality – Bizzare PS2 Ads

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Videogames enable both developers and players to show off their creativity, with the former harnessing multiple disciplines (e.g. game mechanics formulation, storytelling, worldbuilding, character and monster design, programming, sound design, user interface streamlining) to make a cohesive, attractive product, and the latter making use of the finished game as a virtual canvas for impressive feats of mastery and imagination (e.g. speedruns, perfect runs, boss rushes, cheats & secrets revelations, advanced mechanics tutorials, in-depth critiques and analyses, videogame-assisted storytelling).


It’s nice to see that videogame advertising consultants can get wildly inventive as well. In 2007, Sony and creative director Erik Vervroegen released a series of surrealistic PS2 ads, meant not just to advertise the console, but also to provoke thought and encourage discussion.


If you’re wondering why you never ran across them, that’s because they were only ever used in France. Crying shame, really, they’re pretty darn clever.




Bizzarre PS2 Ads - Birth (Witty Gamer) Pic

This could be a reference to how, every time we start playing a new videogame, we’re ‘reborn into a new world’, finding ourselves in an alternate reality that operates on different rules.


Like newborn babies, we need to slowly figure out what we’re capable of. With increasing growth comes the ability to achieve the goals we set out for ourselves.




Bizzarre PS2 Ads - Bodies (Witty Gamer) Pic


I think of this as a call-out to the videogame community as a whole. “We’re crazy, fun-loving, and extremely variegated. If we want to keep the good times rolling, we’ll have to try to understand and work with each other.”


Another interpretation: “Don’t get carried away by spectacle – be mindful of what experiences you choose to engage in.”




Bizzarre PS2 Ads - Head (Witty Gamer) Pic


This is fairly straightforward – behind our nonchalant faces, our heads are always seething with unusual ideas! Or so I’d like to think… (^_^)




Bizzarre PS2 Ads - Moulds (Witty Gamer) Pic


Interpretation 01: “Don’t let videogames be your sole source of identity or self-affirmation.”

Interpretation 02: “Everytime we step into a virtual avatar’s shoes, we get to safely act out random whims and wild fantasies. Don’t be shy, that’s what they’re for!”




Bizzarre PS2 Ads - Potato Face (Witty Gamer) Pic


There are players that make their in-game characters play out as real-life reflections of themselves, while some want their avatars to look and act as different from their true selves as possible. Both can be quite therapeutic.




Bizzarre PS2 Ads - Skinshell (Witty Gamer) Pic


Some games are so life-changing that they allow us to shed our old worldviews and adopt new perspectives.




Bizzarre PS2 Ads - Supermarket (Witty Gamer) Pic


This might be a commentary on how, with the number of games flooding the marketplace, we need to rely on level-headed, expert opinion to help us sift the gold from the gangue. But at the same time, the only real way to know if we’ll like a game or not is to try it out for ourselves. So it’s a mix of cold logic and burning instinct. ORAAAA!




Bizzarre PS2 Ads - Adultery (Witty Gamer) Pic


Don’t let games steal you away from your partner! XD



Did you interpret the images in the same way, or entirely differently? Leave your say-so’s in the comments section! Hope your brain was tickled pink! (^_^)




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