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Lab Zero Games, the developers behind Skullgirls Encore, have been through hell and back. They’ve been laid off, their American publisher was sued, their Japanese publisher went out of business, their 360/PSN publisher stabbed them in the back, and they didn’t receive sales revenue for their debut game until last year.


Even with that bullshit they had to wade through, they’ve managed to create a 2D fighter that not only holds the Guinness Record for the most frames of animation per character (1,439 frames each on average), but is ridiculously fun and deep, too.


Things you should know about this fighter:

  • SGE’s Story Mode is unusually dark. Some of the emotional themes that come up: overcoming past tragedies and enduring existing ones, fighting for what you believe in despite no one having your back, and the eventual destruction of the self after habitual moral compromise. Heavy, heady stuff.
  • The Tutorial Mode for this game is among the best ever made for a fighter. I wish Capcom could follow Lab Zero Games’s lead in this regard, as the only things that Ultra Street Fighter 4 could provide to new players was a half-hearted user manual (it was just a set of static images) and a cryptic Trial Mode (you need to read between the lines to extract useable info from it).
  • Links are easier to perform in this game because of the smartly-implemented input buffering (which somewhat resembles that of the Tekken series). Also, motions for Specials and Supers have been simplified – no double half-circle backwards or anything crazy like that.
  • Now that the roster is near completion (only one more character to go), there’s never been a better time to pick up the game.
  • Although the complete roster will only feature 14 characters, the fact that you can pick any combination of 1, 2, or 3 characters means that there will still be a lot of matchup variety.
  • A lot of interesting mechanics are at play here. Infinite combo protection, touch of death combo protection, air blocking, pushblocks, recoveries, on-the-fly character switching, Normal Assists, Super Assists, super jumps, ground dashes, air dashes, air launchers, air smashes, wall bounces, etc.



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